FIRST DUBAI's extensive range of services ensures that every aspect of the real estate market is taken care of with utmost efficiency and promptness. From the initial research to study the financial viability of a project to the final hand-over of finished project to the client, our dedicated and experienced team is ready at hand to handle each phase of a venture with competence, thoroughness and speed. FIRST DUBAI's services include research, evaluation, brokerage and development, as well as management of portfolios, projects, property and marketing.

Real Estate Development

First Dubai Business Development Management is expertise in managing programs to foster business development in the country and works with resident industries, consultants, and prospects in efforts to expand existing operations and to study various opportunities for improvements, optimization and expansion.

Business Development Team at First Dubai ensure stable and dynamic development of the company through the identification and realization of various business and organizational opportunities. The team is specialist and oriented to cover several tasks that include:

  • Monitoring and studying of clients, market, industry, macro-economic factors & competitors.
  • Identifying & studying of new market opportunities & ways for expansion.
  • Developing strategic relationships & alliances with other companies
  • Expanding relationships with clients.
  • Developing and maintaining of policies & strategies in public/media relations, company’s image, management, brand & product management etc.
  • Studying ways to expand & improve production.
  • Design & prepare customized proposals, packages, reports and presentations to prospective businesses.

Business Development Department at First Dubai is knowledgeable of supporting and guiding company’s strategic planning, that influence short-term and long-term goal setting, and providing information for effective decision-making in company management. Moreover, major proficiency and skills ofFirst Dubai Business Development covers establishing Real Estate Portfolio & raising Real Estate Funds. Expansion plans of listing in stock exchange represents also a core part of these tasks. Additionally, the Business Development is able to provide a comprehensive service and key solutions for mega, medium and small size projects. Their main scope also includes :

  • Identification and evaluation of potential new business opportunities to assess which are most likely to increase the real estate and development revenues and/or the strength of the balance sheet and which are most feasible from a financial, operational and technical perspective.
  • Manage key stakeholders and network of brokers across all countries of operation on an ongoing basis to ensure lead generation for companies
  • Ensure the development of high-level feasibility studies, concepts and development briefs for project and investment opportunities.
  • Ensure financial analysis is conducted on the investment opportunities and ensure the preparation of detailed business proposals and associated business plans
  • Recommend investments in Real Estate funds based on due diligence, a company’s investment philosophy, risk appetite and potential upside.

Feasibility Studies:

First Dubai feasibility Studies team has a significant experience in exploring and conducting Business Models for several business sectors through assessing the current market need. First Dubai's team’s ability to execute a feasibility study can look at the long term viability of the overall business model through relying heavily on tools like scenario planning to ensure long term success. The team studies the Common feasibility methods that include an analysis of potential exit strategies, especially for investors and other stakeholders that may want to move on, and investigate how a project will evolve over multiple iterations, and whether it relies too heavily on key personnel.