"First Dubai Real Estate Co. values its relationship with its vendors/partners and is always working on improving this relationship with the objective of maximizing its efficiency and effectiveness. Achieving that will increase the benefits gained by both sides and will reflect positively on improving the products and services provides to its customers. The Vendor Relationship Management System (VRMS) is a step forward in that direction. It lays down the foundation for strong and transparent relationship built on vendors' good performance and efficient communication channels. It is the tool for bridging the distances between First Dubai Real Estate Co. and its Vendors/Partners."

The vendors shall take note of the following guidelines

  • The registration is open only for companies with valid trade license
  • All fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
  • To attach multiple files in a single field, zip all the files into one single file.
  • Only Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF and Zip files are allowed.
  • The maximum upload size for one file is 20 MB.
  • Before filling this form, please ensure that all the documents required to be attached with this form are available with you.

The list of documents required are as follows:

  • Company profile/brochure.
  • Trade license.
  • List of completed and in-progress projects as per the template. Download template.
  • Financial Information as per the template. Download template.
  • Quality system.
  • Health, Safety & Environment Policy.
  • For any clarifications you can contact First Dubai on 22243333 between 8 pm to 4 pm, Sunday to Thursday.
  • Use the latest versions of browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome