FIRST DUBAI's extensive range of services ensures that every aspect of the real estate market is taken care of with utmost efficiency and promptness. From the initial research to study the financial viability of a project to the final hand-over of finished project to the client, our dedicated and experienced team is ready at hand to handle each phase of a venture with competence, thoroughness and speed. FIRST DUBAI's services include research, evaluation, brokerage and development, as well as management of portfolios, projects, property and marketing.

Real Estate Valuation

A recent addition to the range of services that First Dubai provides is the evaluation of real estate properties by a department fully dedicated to the purpose. The inception of an Evaluation department is considered to be an important step towards determining the true value of property. Such evaluation is extremely useful while preparing feasibility reports for projects on sale or future expansion, apart from accurately calculating a company’s assets. The process of evaluating real estate is done in stages, and includes measuring the value of a property in terms of expected future profits. A comprehensive report is then prepared, which can be used in procuring real estate financing through banks or finance companies. 

The main factors influencing such evaluations, which is licensed and conforms to international standards and regulations, are:

  • The Property being un-transferable
  • The Availability of Information
  • Market analysis
  • Amount of Finance