First Dubai Company is the result of an idea for investment taken to its logical conclusion. Thinking big, creating high value and earning, as well as growing and maintaining the trust of big-time investors in the Kuwaiti market and abroad, have been the hallmark of First Dubai. We provide a wide range of real estate products and services across the spectrum, from purchasing, apportionment and developing of large areas in select zones to offering ready-to-use residential and commercial spaces.

Mission Statement


Mission: FIRST DUBAI REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT is committed to providing exceptional leadership, expertise and integrated services in the burgeoning Middle East real estate industry by increasing its regional expansion and offering facility project management services, while at the same time exceeding the expectations of its partners and clients.

Vision: The foundation on which FIRST DUBAI’s vision is grounded continues to be twofold: the development of and investment in the Gulf’s real estate industry. Inspired and motivated by FIRST DUBAI’s professional management team, FIRST DUBAI REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Company has outlined several performance benchmarks looking ahead:

  • Forge strategic alliances to actively participate in all important real estate sectors.
  • Expand, particularly in the Gulf and Middle East region.
  • Develop real estate companies that are well-capitalized and capable of offering quality products and services to the broader community.
  • Create and manage real estate funds.
  • Offer real estate consultancy services including valuation, feasibility studies and advisory capabilities.

FIRST DUBAI REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT continues to be committed to its original vision, to enhance shareholder confidence and increase investor loyalty.